What’s New: Luxe Vape Junction’s Buy 1 get 1 $5.00 off
Jul 2019

The rise of internet and technology has allowed people from various niches to further enhance the norm that they have. One of those is the creation of e-cigarettes known as Vapes.

As one of the best choice of vapers on Guam, Luxe Vape Junction is up again for another special promotion that will cater affordable e-juices from countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, and the USA.

Currently, Luxe Vape Junction has an ongoing promotion, granting $5 discount on all of its e-juices and devices. How to redeem? Vapers can now buy 1 and get 1 juice $5.00 discount upon their purchase of items on sale of $20 or more. Take note, one of the two products has to be of equal price or more with the other to avail this discount of $5.00. This promotion however doesn’t apply to other Luxe Vape Junction promotions.

Have some experiment and double the fun experience of Vaping with these promotions. Like and follow @vapejunctiongu on Facebook and Instagram or visit them at www.luxevapejunction.com for more info.